Locust House Kitchen Nook

This nook area has a tree-house effect, I chose to leave the window and french doors uncovered in this part of the house, the trees offer privacy and there's just something about the openness that I think makes this space.

As you can see, we got rid of the railing and built a proper wall instead to separate it from the family room. There is actually a step down to the family room, so that made for a more sensible design anyhow. We built the banquet seating to offer plenty of room for multiple butts. And is the shiplap on the sides of it not to die for? Love it! I know the light is not above the table for all you OCD sufferers {like me} out there, but we did not want to put another hole in the ceiling, so the new owners can decide where the light works best for them. But let's talk about the wood bead chandelier... is that not so cute?! It's a smaller version of the one in the dining room, and at night from outside in the front of the house you can see both of them shining from inside and it's charming. Lastly, we replaced the old slider with some french doors to open up to the side yard. Below are some shots of the space just before demo day, although the angle is different, you can get the gist of it.