Who Doesn't Love A Dropzone

This home started out with a very traditional floorplan. As you walked in the front door you could go either down the narrow hall to the back of the house, right to the living room, or left to the dining room. Now, in a perfect world if one could have a dropzone and an dining room then all of the stars have aligned and you are all set. But that's not the case here, we needed to make a decision and the decision was to ditch the dining room and build a kickass dropzone. We re-oriented where you came into the house from the garage, closed off the entry from the front door to what was the dining room and the transformation began. We added 4 cubbies where you would have a place to throw jackets, backpacks, shoes, etc. We added a pantry for cleaning supplies (complete with an outlet inside for charging) and washer & dryer hookups, and a laundry sink with more cabinets and a folding table. There's still plenty of room in the middle of the room to add another table if desired. Lastly, we added a barn door to close it off from the main part of the house as the final touch.