Jamison Project Reveal

I'll keep this post sweet & sappy.

We worked so hard on this house and could not be happier with the way it turned out or the sweet family that has bought it to raise their family there. For me the process is so much fun, I truly love watching the transformation take place, putting all the sweat equity in, and then decorating it, but the real satisfaction comes when you see the family living in the space you created. When you see pictures of them entertaining on the deck or the baby boy hiding under the kitchen sink and then crawling across the floor that we laid, I mean it can just make a girl misty.  Just last week the family (who we adore) that bought our first project brought home their second son from the hospital and when I went to visit them at the house my heart could just burst. I was just taking in all the life that is happening within those walls and it just makes me grin from ear to ear. We've been so fortunate to maintain relationships with the families that have bought our projects and it's truly the very best part, it's the motivation to do the next one. These people are more than just clients, they are part of our story, and we're so happy to have them as part of our lives!

Little Films, a local videography company, came in and shot a little sizzle reel for us on the Jamison project, here's a peek for you...