Tim & Wendy Crist

For years and years our friends and family have been been urging us to share our talents, with my eye for design and Tim’s innate handiness it seemed like this was a real possibility. We finally listened and hence came about The Happening Home.

We find homes that are in fabulous neighborhoods that are tired and ready for some new life and we update them as if they were going to be our own home. We focus not only on adding detail and charm but functionality for modern day living. We prefer the fresh and casual look of a modern farmhouse, and that’s generally the direction we go in for design.

I handle the real estate aspects and the majority of the design of our projects. While Tim is on-site day in and day out managing the project, and putting in a lot of the details to make those design ideas come to fruition. He also manages the financial side of things, which is just how I like it, just tell me how much I can spend. Am I right, ladies? While the two of us make a good team, we couldn’t make the dream a reality without our great team of sub-contractors who we work right along side of to make our vision a reality.

In addition to our own Happening Home projects, I am a licensed REALTOR and also offer my design services separately to clients. If you are interested in one of our projects or services we provide, we’d love to talk to you, please feel free to contact us.

Cheers, Wendy